day 47: goch

Today is 47 days, which is five days and six weeks of the omer: hod she’b’malchut. Today, cosi reviya. I have not one, not two, but three guest posts. These three authors separately asked me to write and each chose Day 47. I figured it could be really instructive for the day’s sefirot. So, first check out posts by Jason Epstein, Eric Feld, and Jenna Shaw. And then, as always, … Continue reading day 47: goch

day 39: campy

Today is 39 days, which is four days and five weeks of the omer: netzach she’b’yesod. Brooklyn Dodgers catcher Roy Campanella accomplished a ton during his nine years in the major leagues: eight-time All Star, three-time NL MVP, one-time NL RBI leader, and one-time WS champion, all as one of the star players on the famed “Boys of Summer” team that won five NL pennants between 1949 and … Continue reading day 39: campy

day 37: the old perfessor

Today is 37 days, which is two days and five weeks of the omer: gevurah she’b’yesod. I’ve included player position in my quest for diversity in this project, so today I’m excited to highlight my first manager. Casey Stengel did play right field, but he is best known as (and was voted into the Hall of Fame in 1966 on his strength as) a manager. As he joked … Continue reading day 37: the old perfessor

day 32: the left hand of gd

Today is 32 days, which is four days and four weeks of the omer: netzach she’b’hod. Daniel pointed out that if I didn’t do Koufax today, I’d have to write a whole other post about why not (and I’m behind on my posts!), so today’s pick is . . . Dodgers southpaw Sanford Koufax: seven-time All Star, four-time WS champion (and two-time WS MVP), three-time Cy Young … Continue reading day 32: the left hand of gd

day 26: the man

Today is 26 days, which is three weeks and five days of the omer: hod she’b’netzach. After those years of second baseman Chase Utley torturing the NL Astros as part of the Phillies club, I was not sorry to see him go 0-6 in the World-Series-that-Shall-Not-Be-Named as part of the Dodgers against the AL Astros. But that performance was not at all indicative of Utley’s career, in which … Continue reading day 26: the man

day 25: the pride of peoria

Today is 25 days, which is three weeks and four days of the omer: netzach she’b’netzach. Though perhaps not technically an essential part of of this project, I am trying to make sure there is variety in my picks — in team, league, position, race, era, etc. There are certain players (i.e., Astros and their traditional big rivals, formally the Cards and Braves, now the As … Continue reading day 25: the pride of peoria

day 23: greinke

Today is 23 days, which is three weeks and two days of the omer: gevurah she’b’netzach. It’s not because he’s an Astro — because really, it’s only been half a season, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about him. Plus, he’s #21 in Houston! Rather, pitcher Zack Greinke (the second player profiled without a nickname — no, seriously, this year on Astros Players’ … Continue reading day 23: greinke

day 21: arky

Today is 21 days, which is three weeks of the omer: malchut she’b’tiferet. Get ready for a couple days of players from Steel City: Today’s pick is Pittsburgh shortstop Arky Vaughan, while tomorrow guest writer Joey Glick will highlight one of his favorite Pirates. As I researched the player to mark three weeks of “Full Count” on Omertime, I learned about Vaughan for the first … Continue reading day 21: arky