Beauty, Compassion, Mercy, Harmony, Truth

Tif’eret is in the integration of hesed and gevurah. Most often translated as beauty, compassion, and harmony, tif’eret is associated with the Biblical figure of Jacob.

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Day 45: His Airness

Today is Day 45 of the Omer. Tif’eret sheb’malchut. Royal equanimity. Rumor has it that Michael Jordan was heartbroken not to be selected on Day 23 of the Omer. However, I have good news for His Airness: you are our selection for Day 45, tif’eret sheb’malchut.  The third day of the week of the week … Continue reading Day 45: His Airness

day 45: ichiro

Today is 45 days, which is three days and six weeks of the omer: tiferet she’b’malchut. As we get close to Sinai and I reflect on the entirety of this project, I realized that I hadn’t included any Japanese players, many great ones of whom have come to North America to play professionally. To say … Continue reading day 45: ichiro

Day 38 + 39: Wonder Boy

The sixth week of the Omer, is the week of yesod. Yesod is translated as foundation and is associated with the tzadik, or righteous person. During this week, I’ve been looking for foundational players or players who embody righteousness. Day 38 of the Omer is tif’eret sheb’yesod, demanding a player whose game is truly beautiful … Continue reading Day 38 + 39: Wonder Boy

day 38: billy buck

Today is 38 days, which is three days and five weeks of the omer: tiferet she’b’yesod. What’s that you say? First baseman Bill Buckner didn’t wear #38? In fact he did, in 1969, his first year with the Dodgers. And since Buckner wore five different numbers over his 22 year career; and since for a good … Continue reading day 38: billy buck

day 31: mike

Today is 31 days, which is three days and four weeks of the omer: tiferet she’b’hod. For some reason catcher Mike Piazza was one of the first players whom I knew I wanted to talk about. I’m so grateful I got to see him play at Shea Stadium during his last year as a Met. He … Continue reading day 31: mike