Day 49: Malchut & Shekhinah

Today is Day 49 of the Omer. Malchut sheb’malchut. Within Kingship there is Kingship. What an amazing feeling to be counting the final day of the Omer, Day 49, where we feel the fullness of this journey from redemption to revelation. Reflecting each day on the combination of sefirot, gives us a way to understand G-d and know ourselves better. In many ways, malchut sheb’malchut … Continue reading Day 49: Malchut & Shekhinah

Malchut – מלכות

This week, we conclude our omer counting with Malchut. Generally translated as kingship or sovereignty, this week’s s’firah allows us to turn our minds to those who work tirelessly off the ice to create the makeup of an NHL team. Malchut is understood as the synthesis of all attributes of God, or the multiple ways in which one experiences the divine presence. To create, implement, and run a hockey team, … Continue reading Malchut – מלכות

Day 48: Nazr Mohammed

Today is Day 48 of the Omer. Yesod sheb’malchut. Nobility that leads to Foundation. After winning two NCAA championships in three seasons at Kentucky, Nazr Mohammed left college 18 credit hours short of his bachelor’s degree, to become a first round pick of the Philadelphia 76ers.  He established himself as a solid backup center, averaging 5.8 points and 4.7 rebounds a game for 8 teams over … Continue reading Day 48: Nazr Mohammed

Day 46: All of Australia

Today is Day 46 of the Omer. Netzach sheb’malchut. Impacting winning by realizing potenial. On Day 44, we began to explore malchut as the full realization of one’s potential. Few recent NBA players have done a better job of it than Aaron Baynes.  Baynes was born in New Zealand, but moved to Australia when he was three and plays for the Australian National Team. He … Continue reading Day 46: All of Australia

day 48: spiderman

Today is 48 days, which is six days and six weeks of the omer: yesod she’b’malchut. A few days ago Daniel and I were texting about malchut (#whatrabbisdo), and I asked him which Biblical figure the sefirah is associated with. King David, he said. Ah, I joked. I guess this might be the week for me to include some of my players behaving badly. I know that’s not … Continue reading day 48: spiderman

day 47: goch

Today is 47 days, which is five days and six weeks of the omer: hod she’b’malchut. Today, cosi reviya. I have not one, not two, but three guest posts. These three authors separately asked me to write and each chose Day 47. I figured it could be really instructive for the day’s sefirot. So, first check out posts by Jason Epstein, Eric Feld, and Jenna Shaw. And then, as always, … Continue reading day 47: goch

Day 45: His Airness

Today is Day 45 of the Omer. Tif’eret sheb’malchut. Royal equanimity. Rumor has it that Michael Jordan was heartbroken not to be selected on Day 23 of the Omer. However, I have good news for His Airness: you are our selection for Day 45, tif’eret sheb’malchut.  The third day of the week of the week of malchut (kingship), is represented by tif’eret, the aspect of … Continue reading Day 45: His Airness

guest post for day 47: the glue

Full Count is thrilled to share this guest post for Day 47 by Jenna Shaw. Today is 47 days, which is five days and six weeks of the omer: hod she’b’malchut. On August 4, 2008, the Chicago Cubs designated left–handed relief pitcher Scott Eyre for assignment to make room for Kerry Wood on the roster who was returning from the Disabled List. I think I … Continue reading guest post for day 47: the glue