Day 48: Nazr Mohammed

Today is Day 48 of the Omer. Yesod sheb’malchut. Nobility that leads to Foundation. After winning two NCAA championships in three seasons at Kentucky, Nazr Mohammed left college 18 credit hours short of his bachelor’s degree, to become a first round pick of the Philadelphia 76ers.  He established himself as a solid backup center, averaging 5.8 points and 4.7 rebounds a game for 8 teams over … Continue reading Day 48: Nazr Mohammed

day 48: spiderman

Today is 48 days, which is six days and six weeks of the omer: yesod she’b’malchut. A few days ago Daniel and I were texting about malchut (#whatrabbisdo), and I asked him which Biblical figure the sefirah is associated with. King David, he said. Ah, I joked. I guess this might be the week for me to include some of my players behaving badly. I know that’s not … Continue reading day 48: spiderman

day 42: hendu

Today is 42 days, which is six weeks of the omer: malchut she’b’yesod. First: I already wrote about Robinson here. Granted, I probably should have gone next to Mo. But this week was getting a little too East Cost heavy. And yes, while centerfielder Dave Henderson was responsible for one of the most memorable moments in postseason history as a member of the 1986 Red Sox team, this … Continue reading day 42: hendu

Day 40: The Senator

Today is Day 40 of the Omer. Hod sheb’yesod. Righteousness that manifests as humility. Staying grounded is difficult when fans, coaches, and the media want to hype you up. It would have been easy for Harrison Barnes to lose his sense of humility after leading Ames High School to two undefeated seasons and two Iowa state championships, along with Doug McDermott. It would have been … Continue reading Day 40: The Senator

Day 38 + 39: Wonder Boy

The sixth week of the Omer, is the week of yesod. Yesod is translated as foundation and is associated with the tzadik, or righteous person. During this week, I’ve been looking for foundational players or players who embody righteousness. Day 38 of the Omer is tif’eret sheb’yesod, demanding a player whose game is truly beautiful or who exemplifies balance. Day 39 of the omer is … Continue reading Day 38 + 39: Wonder Boy

day 39: campy

Today is 39 days, which is four days and five weeks of the omer: netzach she’b’yesod. Brooklyn Dodgers catcher Roy Campanella accomplished a ton during his nine years in the major leagues: eight-time All Star, three-time NL MVP, one-time NL RBI leader, and one-time WS champion, all as one of the star players on the famed “Boys of Summer” team that won five NL pennants between 1949 and … Continue reading day 39: campy

Yesod – יסוד

As we continue counting the Omer, we have introduced the week of Yesod, which I have been told by rabbis I trust to translate as “foundation.” Yesod is associated with the power to contact, connect, and communicate. Before we go any further, take a look at this textbook example of “contact, connect, and communicate,” known to Vancouverites and Canucks fans around the world only as … Continue reading Yesod – יסוד