Day 38 + 39: Wonder Boy

The sixth week of the Omer, is the week of yesod. Yesod is translated as foundation and is associated with the tzadik, or righteous person. During this week, I’ve been looking for foundational players or players who embody righteousness. Day 38 of the Omer is tif’eret sheb’yesod, demanding a player whose game is truly beautiful or who exemplifies balance. Day 39 of the omer is netzach sheb’yesod, and should be a foundational player who manifests winning. 

But no system is perfect. Even the best teams need someone who can take the ball when the offense breaks down and get a bucket. On day 38 & 39, our system broke down, with so few players overall, and no worthy matches, 

But G-d works in mysterious ways, and wouldn’t you know it: 38 + 39 = 77. And #77 is a bucket.

Our choice for Day 38 and 39 of the Omer is #77 Luka Dončić. And just so you don’t feel slighted, let me tell you why he is the perfect choice for both days. 

On Day 38, we honor Luka Dončić, the All-star forward for the Dallas Mavericks.

In his second season, Dončić averaged 28.7 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 8.7 assists/game, while garnering MVP buzz. That Luka would be a foundational, generational superstar was clear to most NBA Draft experts, but not to the Phoenix Suns or Sacramento Kings who passed over him in the Draft, forcing them to form the ill-fated SunKings

Dončić has a beautiful, well-balanced game that is far beyond his years. His defense is better than you think and he led the NBA in triple-doubles in 2019-20. Able to score inside using his strength, craftiness, and change of speeds, he will also fire away from long, long range. He can create acres of territory with his step-back all while being an elite, elite passer. Basically, Luka is already a top-5 player in the NBA. With good health, he will continue to be for the next 10-15 years, and the Suns and Kings should absolutely be forced to merge because they passed on him. 

On Day 39, we honor Luka Dončić the star of Real Madrid and the Slovenian National Team.

Before making his way to the NBA at the age of 19, Dončić, led Real Madrid to the EuroLeague Title averaging 16.0 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 4.3 assists/game, while winning the 2018 EuroLeague MVP and Final Four MVP. 

That was Dončić’s second major title in less than a year, as he led Slovenia to the 2017 EuroBasket Championship alongside Goran Dragic. With major contributions in the quarterfinals and finals, Dončić’ helped lead Slovenia to a 9-0 record in the tournament, winning All-First team honors at the age of 17. 

By the age of 18, Dončić had led or co-led teams to two of the most prestigious titles in basketball. With good health for him and his NBA co-star, Kristaps Porzingis, the Dallas Mavericks should be contending for titles for many years to come. Luka Dončić is the perfect embodiment of Day 38 tif’eret sheb’yesod and 39 netzach sheb’yesod, a foundational star whose beautiful, well-balanced game leads to winning basketball.


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