Day 49: Malchut & Shekhinah

Today is Day 49 of the Omer. Malchut sheb’malchut. Within Kingship there is Kingship. What an amazing feeling to be counting the final day of the Omer, Day 49, where we feel the fullness of this journey from redemption to revelation. Reflecting each day on the combination of sefirot, gives us a way to understand G-d and know ourselves better. In many ways, malchut sheb’malchut … Continue reading Day 49: Malchut & Shekhinah

Day 43: Jack Sikma

Today is Day 43 of the Omer. Hesed sheb’malchut. Kingship that leads to loving-kindness.  Tonight begins the seventh and final week of the Omer, the week of malchut, or kingship. This week we’ll be highlighting players with championship DNA, who have contributed to title-winning teams. On Day 43, hesed sheb’malchut, our final choice came down to two very different players with very similar last names, … Continue reading Day 43: Jack Sikma

Day 42: Big Game James

Today is Day 42 of the Omer. Malchut sheb’yesod. The championship foundation. In 1982, the Los Angeles Lakers brought home the NBA title behind two all-time greats, 3x League MVP Magic Johnson and 6x League MVP, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Their championship roster included two more future Hall of Famers (Bob McAdoo & Jamaal Wilkes), as well as a 2x All-Star (Norm Nixon), and a future Defensive … Continue reading Day 42: Big Game James

Hod – הוד

Apologies for not getting our hockey-starved, Omer-obsessed fans something for this past week’s sefirah. And what a week to (almost) miss! Hod, or glory, is the counterpoint to Netzach, and is often thought of as the glory of humility. The kabbalists understood Hod (along with Netzach) to be associated with the feet of the anthropomorphic image of God, so a particularly grounded image of glory … Continue reading Hod – הוד

Netzach – נצח

This week’s sefirah, Netzach, takes us out of the realm of character traits (love, might, and beauty) and into the realm of time. Netzach, commonly translated as “eternity,” brings to mind the part of God that is beyond time, that predates the universe and for whom a thousand years is but a day (Tehillim 90:4). This sefirah, then, is less about who God is than … Continue reading Netzach – נצח