Power, might, boundedness

The second week of the omer (and the second day of each week) is aligned with the attribute of gevurah. Gevurah is the opposite of hesed. It also known as Din (Judgment). In The Essential Kabbalah, Danny Meet teaches that, “Hesed and Gevurah are the right and left arms of God, two poles of the divine personality: free-flowing love and strict judgment, grace, and limitation.”

Ideally, these two sefirot balance each other out and exist in harmony. However, the Zohar “teaches that an excess of Gevurah is the source of Ultimate Evil.”

Posts related to Gevurah:

Day 44: The Logo

Today is Day 44 of the Omer. Gevurah sheb’malchut. Nobility that leads to power.  In 1960, after helping to lead the US Olympic team to a gold medal, Jerry West entered the NBA as the 2nd overall draft pick of the Los Angeles Lakers. In his first year, West became an All-Star, an honor he … Continue reading Day 44: The Logo

day 44: hammerin’ hank

Today is 44 days, which is two days and six weeks of the omer: gevruah she’b’malchut. Like many black players of his generation (such as those featured in this project, Ernie Banks, Roy Campanella, Cool Papa Bell, and Jackie Robinson) right fielder Henry Aaron started his career in the Negro Leagues in 1952, with the unfortunately named Indianapolis … Continue reading day 44: hammerin’ hank

guest post for day 43: ra

Full Count is thrilled to share this guest post for Day 43 by Rabbi Justin David. For all the beauty of baseball, most players express themselves as if they studied at the Crash Davis School of Boring Cliches: “I don’t know about that, I’m just going to focus on my job…” “I’m just here to … Continue reading guest post for day 43: ra

Day 37: The Ojeleye Factory

Today is Day 37 of the Omer. Gevurah sheb’yesod. Strength that emerges from righteousness.  Yesod (foundation) integrates and channels the energy of the upper sefirot into malchut. It is associated with Joseph because he was able to resist temptation and live a righteous life. One Day 37, that righteous, focussed energy manifests as gevurah (power, … Continue reading Day 37: The Ojeleye Factory

day 37: the old perfessor

Today is 37 days, which is two days and five weeks of the omer: gevurah she’b’yesod. I’ve included player position in my quest for diversity in this project, so today I’m excited to highlight my first manager. Casey Stengel did play right field, but he is best known as (and was voted into the Hall of Fame in … Continue reading day 37: the old perfessor

Day 30: Breanna Stewart

Today is Day 30 of the Omer. Gevurah sheb’hod. Humility that manifests as power.  In only three years in the WNBA, Breanna Stewart has been a 2x All-Star, League MVP, and WNBA Champion, while averaging 20.0 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 2.9 assists/game. That’s a small sample size, but she’s simply been the best wherever she’s … Continue reading Day 30: Breanna Stewart

day 30: regular jew

Today is 30 days, which is two days and four weeks of the omer: gevruah she’b’hod. Thumbing through potentials today was brutal. I had thought to choose Hall of Famer Tim Raines, but there was that whole Pittsburgh drug trials thing. And then I considered Orlando Cepeda, but he was arrested for smuggling marijuana. (Look, pot … Continue reading day 30: regular jew

Alternative Day 23: Maya Moore

Today is Day 23 of the Omer. Gevurah sheb’netzach. Power that comes from victory. If Day 23 were just about victory (netzach), Maya Moore would be a perfectly defensible selection.  In 2017, Sports Illustrated called her “the greatest winner in the history of women’s basketball.”  It is tough to argue with that.  In high school, … Continue reading Alternative Day 23: Maya Moore

day 23: greinke

Today is 23 days, which is three weeks and two days of the omer: gevurah she’b’netzach. It’s not because he’s an Astro — because really, it’s only been half a season, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about him. Plus, he’s #21 in Houston! Rather, pitcher Zack Greinke (the second player profiled without … Continue reading day 23: greinke

Day 23: Jordan vs. LeBron

Today is Day 23. Gevurah sheb’netzach. Endurance/Victory that manifests in Power. Well, if you thought the choice on Day 21 was hard, welcome to Day 23. Who you got: Michael Jordan or LeBron James? I’m not talking about the debate for G.O.A.T. I’m talking about who most embodies gevurah sheb’netzach, the power that emerges from … Continue reading Day 23: Jordan vs. LeBron


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