Day 36: Marcus Smart

Today is Day 36 of the Omer. Hesed sheb’yesod. Generosity that flows from justice.

Was there any way that I was not going to choose Marcus Smart for Day 36? Absolutely not.

The week of Yesod, which begins today is associated with the Biblical figure of Joseph, who is one of the most significant figures in the book of Genesis. And the parallels between Joseph and Marcus Smart are uncanny.

Joseph in many ways is the forgotten hero of the Book of Genesis, not included amongst the Biblical patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, even though a significant part of Genesis details his narrative. Marcus Smart doesn’t get the headlines nationally either, as his teammates collect All-Star appearances and endorsement deals, but he is on the floor when it matters.

Joseph is the favorite son of Jacob and Marcus Smart is definitely the favorite son of Boston Celtics fans (or at least of Weird Celtics twitter).

Joseph is known for his incredible vision. He is able to interpret dreams than no one else can understand and predict the future, enabling Pharaoh and Egypt to plan for seven years of famine. Marcus Smart sees things on the court that no one else sees. He anticipates passes to make clutch steals and has some of the prettiest no-look passes in the league.

Marcus does it all with nonstop energy and enthusiasm, embodying the aspect of hesed that flows freely and abundantly. Hesed is limitless and Marcus Smart places no limits on what he will do to help his team win, whether it is diving on the floor, guarding players 8 inches and 100 lbs heavier, or taking charge after charge.

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