Day 35: Mad Dog

Today is Day 35 of the Omer. Malchut sheb’hod. Humility that leads to Kingship.

I got to interact with Mark Madsen a bit at Stanford University. He was so genuine, so humble. There was nobody on those great Stanford teams that I was happier to see become an NBA champion. In college, Madsen was a hard working big man, who came to college after a two year Mormom mission, leading Stanford to the 1998 Final Four. 

The relentless energy and enthusiasm of the 2x First Team All Pac-12 player, made him a first round pick of the Los Angeles Lakers. Madsen didn’t amass many points or rebounds in LA, but he got himself two NBA rings, while becoming a fan favorite. 

I challenge you to meet Mark Madsen and not like him. I can’t imagine anyone not appreciating his joy, mixed with the humility and sincerity evident in this 2001 Championship celebration.

Of course, nobody remembers that celebration, because of what happened next year. Madsen’s dance moves have gone down in NBA history. But Madsen doesn’t care, because he’s a King, 2x over.


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