day 4: the master

Today is four days of the omer: netzach she’b’hesed. I could have chosen Gehrig, but we did the Yankees yesterday. So I’m going with another hometown hero, New York Giant Mel Ott. (This is the team that became today’s club in San Francisco, a move that didn’t inspire as much fiery, enduring ire as a certain other New York team’s decampment to a certain other California … Continue reading day 4: the master

day 3: the bambino

Today is three days of the omer: tiferet she’b’hesed. Today Yankees fans can stop being mad at me (see yesterday’s post) as I honor one of their best: The Bambino, The Sultan of Swat, four-time WS winner, one of the first inaugural five HoFers, perhaps the greatest baseball player of all time, the singular Babe Ruth. (Also perhaps the player with the most nicknames of all … Continue reading day 3: the bambino