day 10: the hawk

Today is 10 days, which is one week and three days of the omer: tiferet she’big’vurah. I’m not totally sure why day 10 has given me such fits, but I had a hard time deciding whom I should highlight today. Chipper Jones, Phil Rizzuto, Miguel Tejada, Lefty Grove — but I’m finally happy with Expos and Cubs outfielder Andre Dawson for this day of “splendor within strength.” Dawson … Continue reading day 10: the hawk

ein sof; or, making room for something new

The ein sof (literally, “without end”) is understood in kabbalah as Gd before any self-manifestation. It is Gd’s act of tzimtzum (“contraction”) that allows for everything else to come into being. In particular, the ein sof is the origin of the sefirot (“emanations”), which have come to be associated with days of the omer, the seven weeks between Pesach and Shavuot. Just as primordial boundlessness gave way to a … Continue reading ein sof; or, making room for something new