Count to Where The Puck Is Going to Be

Malchut – מלכות

This week, we conclude our omer counting with Malchut. Generally translated as kingship or sovereignty, this week’s s’firah allows us to turn our minds to those who work tirelessly off the ice to create the makeup of an NHL team. Malchut is understood as the synthesis of all attributes of God, or the multiple ways in which one experiences the divine presence. To create, implement, and run a hockey team, … Continue reading Malchut – מלכות

Yesod – יסוד

As we continue counting the Omer, we have introduced the week of Yesod, which I have been told by rabbis I trust to translate as “foundation.” Yesod is associated with the power to contact, connect, and communicate. Before we go any further, take a look at this textbook example of “contact, connect, and communicate,” known to Vancouverites and Canucks fans around the world only as … Continue reading Yesod – יסוד

Hod – הוד

Apologies for not getting our hockey-starved, Omer-obsessed fans something for this past week’s sefirah. And what a week to (almost) miss! Hod, or glory, is the counterpoint to Netzach, and is often thought of as the glory of humility. The kabbalists understood Hod (along with Netzach) to be associated with the feet of the anthropomorphic image of God, so a particularly grounded image of glory … Continue reading Hod – הוד

Players that Endure, and Eternal Moments

Imagine yourself playing over 1,500 games in the NHL. Many goals, points, and highlight-reel moments. With all the magical moments, there are also countless hits, injuries, and painful losses. It is a long and intense NHL season, 82 games if you’re healthy, but the ones who compete and are the most passionate, they make a lasting impression. The ones who play 82 games over multiple … Continue reading Players that Endure, and Eternal Moments

Netzach – נצח

This week’s sefirah, Netzach, takes us out of the realm of character traits (love, might, and beauty) and into the realm of time. Netzach, commonly translated as “eternity,” brings to mind the part of God that is beyond time, that predates the universe and for whom a thousand years is but a day (Tehillim 90:4). This sefirah, then, is less about who God is than … Continue reading Netzach – נצח


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