We’re Going to Omertime

Sports lovers rejoice! While the entire Jewish world is focused on Passover, as soon as the first day of Passover is over, we are headed to Omertime!

The Omer is a 49 day period between Passover and Shavuot when it’s a mitzvah to say a blessing and count each day. This incredibly simple, two minute nightly ritual, is also deeply mystical and can be the foundation of a profound practice of self-growth and exploration.

It can also be the way for a few friends to do some learning and channel our grief over the loss of sports this Spring. The indefinite suspension of the NBA and NHL seasons and the delayed start of Major League Baseball, has created a void in the sports world. There are much more important things in the world, but for many of us, being a sports fan provides joy, connection, and meaning.

It’s just a game and it’s more. It’s the connective tissue in relationships with good friends and family, an opportunity to connect with people outside our bubbles, and a way to to understand the world.

We miss sports. And so the Omer, a traditional mourning period, came at the exact right time this year. Whether you love hockey, baseball, or basketball, please join us as explore the mystical system for counting the Omer and its relationship to our beloved pastimes.

We are lifelong students of Torah and the goal of this project is for us to learn and share our learning as best we can along the way. We hope that the humor, insights, and highlights make up for whatever typos and mistakes we make along the way. Folks, we are going to Omertime!


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