day 26: the man

Today is 26 days, which is three weeks and five days of the omer: hod she’b’netzach. After those years of second baseman Chase Utley torturing the NL Astros as part of the Phillies club, I was not sorry to see him go 0-6 in the World-Series-that-Shall-Not-Be-Named as part of the Dodgers against the AL Astros. But that performance was not at all indicative of Utley’s career, in which … Continue reading day 26: the man

day 12: the canadian slugger

Today is 12 days, which is one week and five days of the omer: hod she’big’vurah. What’s that you say? A baseball legend in Canada? Yes, indeed, it’s not all hockey in the Great White North. I enjoyed my sojourn Sunday and again today in the 51st State. Today’s pick, a Puerto Rican turned Torontonian, owns the second most famous baseball moment in the Land of … Continue reading day 12: the canadian slugger

day 8: little joe

Today is eight days, which is one week and one day of the omer: hesed she’big’vurah. Today Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun was a contender because he’s Jewish (and you know, a pretty good ball player), but using PEDs, denying it, attacking the test collector, and only later admitting his use is not #goodfortheJews. Instead I’m going with Reds second baseman Joe Morgan — and not just because … Continue reading day 8: little joe