day 44: hammerin’ hank

Today is 44 days, which is two days and six weeks of the omer: gevruah she’b’malchut. Like many black players of his generation (such as those featured in this project, Ernie Banks, Roy Campanella, Cool Papa Bell, and Jackie Robinson) right fielder Henry Aaron started his career in the Negro Leagues in 1952, with the unfortunately named Indianapolis Clowns. (The team apparently played exhibition games through the 1980s! … Continue reading day 44: hammerin’ hank

day 39: campy

Today is 39 days, which is four days and five weeks of the omer: netzach she’b’yesod. Brooklyn Dodgers catcher Roy Campanella accomplished a ton during his nine years in the major leagues: eight-time All Star, three-time NL MVP, one-time NL RBI leader, and one-time WS champion, all as one of the star players on the famed “Boys of Summer” team that won five NL pennants between 1949 and … Continue reading day 39: campy

guest post for day 22: cutch

Full Count is thrilled to share this guest post for Day 22 by Joey Glick. “A bunch of 12-year-old kids had their hearts broken this week.” So begins Andrew McCutchen’s open letter to America and to the players of the Jackie Robinson West (JRW) Little League team. Days earlier, Little League Baseball had revoked JRW’s 2014 US championship for playing ineligible kids from outside their … Continue reading guest post for day 22: cutch

day 14: mr. sunshine

Today is 14 days, which is two weeks of the omer: malchut she’big’vurah. My preferences in ballplayers come together today in an athlete who is both a native Texan and a career-long member of one team: Chicago Cubs infielder Ernie Banks grew up in Dallas and came to baseball in the last days of the Negro Leagues, where he was discovered by the Kansas City Monarchs, … Continue reading day 14: mr. sunshine

day 12: the canadian slugger

Today is 12 days, which is one week and five days of the omer: hod she’big’vurah. What’s that you say? A baseball legend in Canada? Yes, indeed, it’s not all hockey in the Great White North. I enjoyed my sojourn Sunday and again today in the 51st State. Today’s pick, a Puerto Rican turned Torontonian, owns the second most famous baseball moment in the Land of … Continue reading day 12: the canadian slugger

day 10: the hawk

Today is 10 days, which is one week and three days of the omer: tiferet she’big’vurah. I’m not totally sure why day 10 has given me such fits, but I had a hard time deciding whom I should highlight today. Chipper Jones, Phil Rizzuto, Miguel Tejada, Lefty Grove — but I’m finally happy with Expos and Cubs outfielder Andre Dawson for this day of “splendor within strength.” Dawson … Continue reading day 10: the hawk

day 9: teddy ballgame

Today is nine days, which is one week and two days of the omer: gevurah she’big’vurah.* Even if Red Sox right fielder Ted Williams hadn’t worn #9, I would have considered him for the day of gevurah she’big’vurah. There’s no way this outsize figure could be the pick for anything other than a double sefirah day. I will first admit that I find these double sefirot days a bit … Continue reading day 9: teddy ballgame

day 8: little joe

Today is eight days, which is one week and one day of the omer: hesed she’big’vurah. Today Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun was a contender because he’s Jewish (and you know, a pretty good ball player), but using PEDs, denying it, attacking the test collector, and only later admitting his use is not #goodfortheJews. Instead I’m going with Reds second baseman Joe Morgan — and not just because … Continue reading day 8: little joe