day 32: the left hand of gd

Today is 32 days, which is four days and four weeks of the omer: netzach she’b’hod. Daniel pointed out that if I didn’t do Koufax today, I’d have to write a whole other post about why not (and I’m behind on my posts!), so today’s pick is . . . Dodgers southpaw Sanford Koufax: seven-time All Star, four-time WS champion (and two-time WS MVP), three-time Cy Young … Continue reading day 32: the left hand of gd

day 30: regular jew

Today is 30 days, which is two days and four weeks of the omer: gevruah she’b’hod. Thumbing through potentials today was brutal. I had thought to choose Hall of Famer Tim Raines, but there was that whole Pittsburgh drug trials thing. And then I considered Orlando Cepeda, but he was arrested for smuggling marijuana. (Look, pot should be legal, but agreeing to carry five pounds of … Continue reading day 30: regular jew

day 24: sham

Today is 24 days, which is three weeks and three days of the omer: tiferet she’b’netzach. You better believe that a Jewish baseball player in New York City is always a BFD, almost no matter how he plays. And when that player was a member of the 1969 “Miracle Mets,” madness must ensue. Indeed, outfielder Art Shamsky says, “There isn’t a day that goes by that someone … Continue reading day 24: sham

day 22: cakes

Today is 22 days, which is three weeks and one day of the omer: hesed she’b’netzach. First, go read the guest post for today by my former classmate Joey Glick. It moved me to tears. (And then come back.) Three-time Cy Young Award winner, six-time All-Star, four-time Golden Glove Award winner, three-time AL wins leader, two-time AL ERA leader, and three-time WS Champion? Eh. Secret … Continue reading day 22: cakes

day 15: another jewish ballplayer

Today is 15 days, which is two weeks and one day of the omer: hesed she’b’tiferet. I swear, “Sandy Koufax didn’t play on Yom Kippur” is the baseball equivalent of “Abraham Joshua Heschel marched with King”: that is, a event that absolutely happened, was extremely significant at the time, and unnecessarily overshadows the commitment of many others. (You can experience my soapbox on the Heschel-King relationship here.) … Continue reading day 15: another jewish ballplayer

day 8: little joe

Today is eight days, which is one week and one day of the omer: hesed she’big’vurah. Today Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun was a contender because he’s Jewish (and you know, a pretty good ball player), but using PEDs, denying it, attacking the test collector, and only later admitting his use is not #goodfortheJews. Instead I’m going with Reds second baseman Joe Morgan — and not just because … Continue reading day 8: little joe

day 6: the overlooked

Today is six days of the omer: yesod she’b’hesed. (Because of chag, I am posting this before the sixth day actually begins.) I’m biased towards players who have spent their whole careers on one team. I like loyalty, by team and by player. I like the relationship between players and fans that can develop over that kind of time. I like watching a player improve and … Continue reading day 6: the overlooked

day 5: the hebrew hammer

Today is five days of the omer: hod she’b’hesed. I almost did Albert Pujols today, despite the fact that he tortured the Astros for years as a Cardinal — and is apparently still able to at almost 40, as recently as last year as an Angel. I do have one fond association with him, however: My grandmother, notorious for mispronouncing words, always said his name … Continue reading day 5: the hebrew hammer