What Does it Take to be a Captain in the NHL?

In the National Hockey League, one player is given the honour of having the “C” placed on his sweater. This is one of the main reasons the captain of a hockey team is more important than the captain, or captains, of teams in other major sports. In other organized sports, the team captain is quite often the superstar of the group, or the best player … Continue reading What Does it Take to be a Captain in the NHL?

Day 10: Name the Player

Today is Day 10. Tif’eret sheb’gevurah. Beauty that emerges from strength. All-American in high school.  Two-time national champion in college.  Voted the top collegiate point guard in the country three times.  College player of the year as a senior.  Number one draft pick.  Three championships in the pros.  Eleven All-Star appearances.  The all-time assists leader.  Four time Olympic gold medalist.   You may be racking … Continue reading Day 10: Name the Player