guest post for day 47: jack

Full Count is thrilled to share this guest post for Day 47 by Dr. Jason Epstein. This is in honor of my son, Ami’s 14th birthday today. Please give him a shoutout here as it’s his very first birthday without baseball. I first recognized that he was a serious baseball fan when he passed the litmus test I use for deep baseball fandom. Somewhere around … Continue reading guest post for day 47: jack

day 46: andy

Today is 46 days, which is four days and six weeks of the omer: netzach she’b’malchut. I’ve been planning to write about Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte since Day 7, when I first talked about performance-enhancing drugs. I’ve instituted a kind of morality clause for this project, trying not to include troublemakers, or at least to talk honestly about their misdeeds (ahem, Day 2/Alex Bregman) if they … Continue reading day 46: andy

day 44: hammerin’ hank

Today is 44 days, which is two days and six weeks of the omer: gevruah she’b’malchut. Like many black players of his generation (such as those featured in this project, Ernie Banks, Roy Campanella, Cool Papa Bell, and Jackie Robinson) right fielder Henry Aaron started his career in the Negro Leagues in 1952, with the unfortunately named Indianapolis Clowns. (The team apparently played exhibition games through the 1980s! … Continue reading day 44: hammerin’ hank

Day 43: Jack Sikma

Today is Day 43 of the Omer. Hesed sheb’malchut. Kingship that leads to loving-kindness.  Tonight begins the seventh and final week of the Omer, the week of malchut, or kingship. This week we’ll be highlighting players with championship DNA, who have contributed to title-winning teams. On Day 43, hesed sheb’malchut, our final choice came down to two very different players with very similar last names, … Continue reading Day 43: Jack Sikma

guest post for day 43: ra

Full Count is thrilled to share this guest post for Day 43 by Rabbi Justin David. For all the beauty of baseball, most players express themselves as if they studied at the Crash Davis School of Boring Cliches: “I don’t know about that, I’m just going to focus on my job…” “I’m just here to help the ballclub…” “I’m just gonna take it one day … Continue reading guest post for day 43: ra

Day 42: Big Game James

Today is Day 42 of the Omer. Malchut sheb’yesod. The championship foundation. In 1982, the Los Angeles Lakers brought home the NBA title behind two all-time greats, 3x League MVP Magic Johnson and 6x League MVP, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Their championship roster included two more future Hall of Famers (Bob McAdoo & Jamaal Wilkes), as well as a 2x All-Star (Norm Nixon), and a future Defensive … Continue reading Day 42: Big Game James