Malchut – מלכות

This week, we conclude our omer counting with Malchut. Generally translated as kingship or sovereignty, this week’s s’firah allows us to turn our minds to those who work tirelessly off the ice to create the makeup of an NHL team. Malchut is understood as the synthesis of all attributes of God, or the multiple ways in which one experiences the divine presence. To create, implement, and run a hockey team, so many elements and roles need to be filled. There are plenty of people working behind the scenes to make sure the on-ice product is as smooth as possible. Training staff, medical staff, management, scouting staff, agents, coaches and more all working to make sure players and teams are well taken care of. We shed light on their work and contributions to the game, which often go unnoticed.


Equipment Staff

The life of an equipment manager is rigorous. There are plenty of tiny details that need to be implemented on an hour by hour basis. They are responsible for managing each of the player’s specific equipment needs, working long gruelling hours to make sure everything is in order. 

The work of an equipment staffer generally goes unnoticed if they are doing their job right. However, once in a while, they come through in big moments to make sure the players are well taken care of. 

Medical Staff

The day to day grind of tending to players injuries and ailments has this group of staff always on their toes. A day in the life of an NHL medical staffer is unpredictable but deeply rewarding. 

Often it is a thankless job, but on (thankfully) rare occasions they are needed to tend to some of the scariest and serious hockey moments. 


The job of representing a player, to ensure that he is receiving fair compensation and benefits for his work, is an essential role. While they are particularly critical in contract negotiations, they also handle public relations, financial planning, and potential sponsorships. An agent has a responsibility to guide these often young players towards responsible decisions. 

General Managers

The job of a General Manager is to manage and acquire the best possible NHL roster for their team. They are responsible for trading, signing, and managing the 50-man roster of an NHL team. It’s a tireless and thankless job, often scrutinized by fans and the media, and the journey is often long and enduring. For those who do the job well, it is a journey well worth it. 


An NHL coach is almost always on the hot seat. After the players, the coach is the most noticeable, and also the most active person on the team. A coach is responsible for managing the on-ice product, working with the players during practice, off-ice video sessions, and during the game to get the most out of them. It’s a gruelling and tenuous job but is crucial for the success of a hockey team. 


Teamwork makes the dreamwork. 

It has been so fun being on this hockey-omer journey with you, and we hope it has added to your understanding of this time as we welcome Shavuot 5780. Chag Sameach!


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