Hod – הוד

Apologies for not getting our hockey-starved, Omer-obsessed fans something for this past week’s sefirah. And what a week to (almost) miss! Hod, or glory, is the counterpoint to Netzach, and is often thought of as the glory of humility. The kabbalists understood Hod (along with Netzach) to be associated with the feet of the anthropomorphic image of God, so a particularly grounded image of glory is what they had in mind. This is a glory, or splendor, that is born of intense dedication (sitting as it does under Gevurah in the sefirotic chart).

The Hockey Hall of Fame is where the best of the best are honoured. Those who have played the game with glory, majesty, and immense skill are forever enshrined. You can view the full list of players who have been indicuted into the HHOF here.

However, here we are going to highlight those players who were inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame early. Normally, you have been retired for at least three years before being considered, but an exemption was made for these skilled players. This week, we’ll let the videos speak for themselves.


Ted Lindsay – inducted to HHOF in 1966

Red Kelly – inducted to HHOF in 1969

Terry Sawchuk – inducted to HHOF in 1971

Jean Beliveau – inducted to HHOF in 1972

Gordie Howe – inducted to HHOF in 1972

Mario Lemieux – inducted to HHOF in 1997

Wayne Gretzky – inducted to HHOF in 1999

Cover image shows the inside of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, ON, Canada.


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